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Who We Are - GroovyTek

Groovytek is your resource for personal technology training. We empower our clients to understand their personal technology in relatable, understandable terms.

Groovytek provides hour long one-on-one in-home personal technology training sessions.

Our trainers are passionate, empathetic cultivators who live to help folks achieve those “light-bulb” or “a-ha” moments.


The Groovy Method

At GroovyTek, we use a unique, personalized problem solving technique called the Groovy Method to cultivate working solutions.

  • Gather issues and concerns

    We listen to what you have to say about your personal technology.

  • Recognize surrounding context and any relevant information

    We use our open-ended Groovy Questioning method to dig a little deeper.

  • Organize issues into a step-by-step workflow

    We determine a workflow based on what you want.

  • Offer a working solution for the student in a step-by-step process

    We create a step-by-step process to empower you.

  • Verify that this is a working solution by testing for success

    We verify that your solution makes sense to you.

  • You end by recapping steps involved

    We make sure that you’re able to work through the solution on your own.