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Stepping Out and Staying Active through Technology

All right folks, we’re two months into the New Year and it is time to see how you’re measuring up on your fitness resolutions. After all, to jump start your motivation you purchased the latest FitBit, which acts like a pedometer and aides in reaching health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more.

You – like me – haven’t even removed the new FitBit from its box and surely aren’t ready to face the hard truth that you’re nowhere close to your fitness goals. It’s not that you’re just lacking motivation, but it’s also challenging to grasp the technology that’s involved in your new FitBit (other similar gadgets include the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear Fit or Garmin) to help monitor your health.

You’re not alone, folks. Less than half of people who make resolutions actually stick with them. In fact, according to U.S. News, approximately 80 percent of resolutions fail by the second week of February. There are many reasons for this – sometimes the goals are too lofty or ambitious, while others aren’t specific enough. Instead of creating an astronomical goal, perhaps identifying small, incremental lifestyle changes that will lead to your goal is more manageable.

You’re determined to become healthier this year while increasing your fitness ability and now you have a tech savvy tool to help you. Perhaps the first step is to understand the FitBit technology. Then you can use the tool appropriately towards monitoring and achieving your fitness goal.

That’s precisely why GroovyTek exists! As an education-based company GroovyTek provides hour-long in-home personal technology training sessions. Working side-by-side with you, GroovyTek helps empower you to take control of your personal technology – your new FitBit – on your own terms. After your initial consultation, trainers can work with you to help you understand and overcome frustrations with your new gadget.

In fact, trainers can help synch health trackers like your FitBit, or the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear Fit and Garmin, with your computer. Once you’re set up and become comfortable with the device, you can digitally set your goals, begin tracking your physical activity and be well on your way to achieving your daily steps and overall fitness goal.

If you would like help to learn how to use your new health and fitness tracker, please call GroovyTek to schedule an in-home personal training - just click “schedule a session” up top.

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