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The GroovyTek Fleet

Meet the new addition to the GroovyTek team. The GroovyTek twins as we fondly call them, will be buzzing around town starting March 20th, 2017. GroovyTek founder, Greg Boman, worked hard on making sure the twins came to life. In his relentless pursuit of perfection Greg wanted to marry the GroovyTek brand with an iconic vehicle that speaks to our core audience. Given its history and allure the Mini Cooper made sense to be the car incorporated into the GroovyTek fleet.

"Our brand is fun and energetic and making sure the color combination and icons are perfect was a challenge. We have designed for different mediums but designing for a car that will be seen in motion was a different challenge, but I am very very happy with the results" -Greg Boman

Greg is pictured with the twins in Castle Rock with his son Cam Boman and Daughter Elizabeth Villwock in front of the Emporium. If you see the twins driving down I-25, honk and give a wave!

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