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You are invited to participate in our On-Demand series. The Groovy Office Hours - April 2021 presentations will "premiere" on the date and times indicated below and then will be available to view and enjoy on your own schedule after the initial premiere. Thank you for your interest and Stay Groovy!

Groovy Office Hours - April 2021 Overview

These free, roughly 30-minute seminars are scheduled for Apr 22 - May 13, 2021. You can register using the online registration form below, or call GroovyTek at 561-560-0123 to resgister or ask any questions about the series.

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Lang April Week 1
Week One


The way we consume entertainment is evolving every day. Join us to take a look at best practices to enter into the world of streaming content (Movies, TV, Music, Podcasts, and more). Learn what devices are required to make the most of this massive transition to streaming content on your personal technology, and pick up a few tips and tricks to manage subscriptions and maximize your money.

Lang April Week 2
Week Two

Pesky Printers

One of the most frustrating elements of at-home technology has got to be dealing with those pesky printers. Join us to learn how to avoid frustration with your printers. You will also receive some handy documents and lessons on how to address the most common issues we come across every day with in-home printers.

Lang April Week 3
Week Three

Digital Business Degree

With more and more work being conducted at home and the way people look for new job opportunities has evolved, join us to take a look at job recruiting trends online from LinkedIn to Indeed. Also, receive an overview of the next generation of workplace tools from Dropbox to Google Drive.

Lang April Week 4
Week Four

Don’t Fall Victim to On-Line Fraud

While there are many savvy schemes and frauds invading in-boxes and circulating via personal devices, there are also steps consumers can take to avoid being taken advantage of," said Matt Munro, founder of GroovyTek. "One of the most prevalent are advertisements and offers from imposter companies offering technical support plans.

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