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You are invited to participate in our On-Demand series. The Groovy Office Hours presentations will "premiere" on the date and times indicated below and then will be available to view and enjoy on your own schedule after the initial premiere. Thank you for your interest and Stay Groovy!

Groovy Office Hours Overview

These free, roughly 30-minute seminars are scheduled for May 20 - Jun 17, 2021. You can register using the online registration form below, or call GroovyTek at 561-560-0123 to resgister or ask any questions about the series.

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Lang April Week 1
Week One

Technology Tools & Your Personal History

Spend time learning about the ways technology can help you gain an understanding of your personal history, including an in-depth look at Also, explore tips and tricks on how to digitize your photo and video archives.

Lang April Week 2
Week Two

Technology As A Tool For Stress Management

Learn about a few technology tools and platforms designed with your mental well-being in mind, including HeadSpace and Calm. Also, learn about a few fun ways to unwind online, including coloring book applications as well as a handful of stress-relieving games.

Lang April Week 3
Week Three

Technology Therapy Tools

Learn how people use communication applications to help get care from their homes to help navigate emotional concerns. Learn about the Talk Space platform as a model for online therapy and how you can use it as a tool for your overall wellness.

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