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Phoenix Business Journal- Groovytek Expands

Denver-based GroovyTek has launched its personal technology help service in the Phoenix area and is hiring eight trainers in the next month or two.

GroovyTek is an education-based company that provides hour-long, in-home technology training sessions geared toward baby boomers and other tech-confused individuals over 40 years old.

The startup has opened an office in downtown Scottsdale with two employees serving Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. The company plans to hire about a dozen to handle the entire Valley.

GroovyTek trainers help with any home tech questions one-on-one, from syncing devices, to connecting printers to a computer, to sharing and organizing photos and videos.

“I believe a lot of tech companies are doing a phenomenal job with new technology, but many people need help using their smartphones, tablets and computers,” said Matt Munro, GroovyTek’s president and co-founder. “We are the personal trainers for technology.”

GroovyTek also hosts workshops for companies needing specific help for their customers, such as with a new app or paperless ticketing.

“We help with any tech frustrations,” said Alex Rodas, GroovyTek’s CEO and co-founder. “We are here to address the tech needs of our clients and make them comfortable with their technology. We focus on their day-to-day technology life.”

The company launched in April 2015 in Denver, and the three co-founders said the Phoenix area was always their next expansion market.

“Phoenix has the demographics we work with,” Munro said. “This is the big stage for us.”

Customer service is the main focus for the company, along with its “Groovy Method” tech help. Trainers talk with each client before coming to their house, send handwritten notes to remind and thank their clients and are available for calls for any questions any time they arise.

“What separates us is our education base,” said Greg Boman, GroovyTek’s vice president and co-founder. “We’re really serving clients well so they can fix problems with their device without needing help from others.”

Trainers have more of an education background and are less “techie,” Munro said.

“Our trainers are not geeks or nerds,” Munro said. “We’re making people comfortable and educated with their technology. These are typically doctors, lawyers and other bright people who have technology that makes them feel stupid or intimidated. Maybe their assistants always handled their tech needs.”

The cost for the training sessions is $100 an hour or $200 for three sessions in an introductory offer in Phoenix.

Article posted by The Phoenix Business Journal. http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/news/2017/03/10/in-home-personal-tech-training-service-launches-in.html 

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