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Media Coverage: GroovyTek (Your Life Arizona) (3TV CBS 5) Interview

https://www.groovytek.com GroovyTek is featured on program "Your Life Arizona" in an exclusive interview with trainer Lucas Hooten. Lucas discusses how the company can provide service to those in need of technology advice and training. GroovyTek would like to thank our friends at azfamily 3TV CBS 5 for having us on "Your Life Arizona." To all of our friends in the Valley. Contact us at 602.638.5400 or www.groovytek.com. Book today and schedule at your convenience. Tech support on-demand technology consultants specializing in personal on-site, in-home, or remote assistance sessions. Our digital expertise tech service provides the best in personal training. Contact us directly for computer & devices help! "GroovyTek takes a personalized approach anchored in respect and patience to help folks become confident navigating personal technology independently and on their own terms. "We believe people over the age of 40 are being mistreated and ignored by Silicon Valley. GroovyTek takes a personalized approach anchored in respect and patience to help folks become confident navigating personal technology independently and on their own terms." At GroovyTek, we strive to empower our students. How do we do this? We cultivate meaningful relationships by providing one-on-one, consultative training sessions. _______________________________________________________________________ SUBSCRIBE to stay updated on Technology HOW TO videos & Updates! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbYRZAlm-AfPsAToAtikCZw?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/groovy_tek Facebook (Connect With Groovytek!) https://www.facebook.com/groovytekNews #groovytek #stayhome #stayathome

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Media Coverage: GroovyTek (Your Life Arizona) (3TV CBS 5) Interview
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Bob Dylan
I'm very pleased with my session today with GroovyTek. My trainer was able to fix both my computer and my printer (problems with both) and instructed me on how to correct the issues if they occurred in the future. We also made plans for my next session. I find GroovyTek sessions extremely helpful and convenient since they are in my home.
Eva S
The Beatles
I had a session with GroovyTek over the phone today. It was extremely helpful to me because I was able to see everything that he was doing on my computer as he was talking. I was then able to follow his actions to do what he was doing as well. What a way to go!
Carole M
Jimi Hendrix
The trainers are so friendly, and helpful. They certainly have lots of patience and knowledge. They make you feel so comfortable asking questions you would not dare ask your family to show you again how to do. They are always welcome in my home, sometimes I hate to see them go!
Debera F
Mick Jagger
GroovyTek has helped me, a 65 year old, learn how to do all sorts of things on my computer that I did not know about before. I had no one else to ask, and they have rescued me. It's so great to have a polite, friendly, knowledgeable person come to my house and teach me. What a wonderful service!
Margie C
The Doors
I have always had the best computers that Apple offered, but the problem was that I never knew how to use them. Thanks to my GroovyTek trainer, my tech skills have increased exponentially and I am feeling more competent and confident with each lesson.
John B
The Supremes
GroovyTek did a great job! My trainer was on time, professional and she solved my slow computer. Great job, GroovyTek! I will use your services again.
Marcia F
Chuck Berry
I have been very pleased with the IT trainers from GroovyTek who have been to my house. They were very helpful!
Karen B
Ray Charles
I have had two great sessions with GroovyTek and finally I have learned to use my smartphone calendar! I'm looking forward to my next session.
Mary D
Stevie Wonder
My tech is patiently bringing me (at age 79) into the computer age. I am so glad that I found him through GroovyTek. What a wonderful gift!
Judy K
Robert Plant
Today was my first experience with GroovyTek and it was extraordinary. I learned so much over the course of the hour AND as importantly fixed the problem I was having. The trainer was intelligent and friendly. All support was given in a very collaborative way. I am looking forward to this partnership.
Barb S