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Focusing on growth while maintaining a commitment to quality, our team embraces that challenge.

At GroovyTek, we empower our students to grasp technology in relatable, understandable terms. How do we do this? We cultivate meaningful relationships by providing one-on-one, consultative training sessions that we specifically develop around our student’s personal technology needs. We allow our students to sit in the driver’s seat to enable self-discovery.

Our culture is built on trust, respect, and privacy. This begins with our hand-selected trainers who are bonded, vetted, and insured. These passionate industry vets and experts patiently guide their students through the complex world of personal technology. They are approachable and empathetic and view technology from a knowledge-based perspective.

Our on-demand GroovyTek application and website enables students to schedule personal, customized training sessions that fit around their schedules. Our intuitive platforms are designed with our users in mind and allow students to customize their interests and skills from their very first interaction. From customizing and updating devices to mobile and computer training, we create working solutions for our student’s personal technology needs.

We don’t just spell tek differently — we provide TEKnowledge for all!


The GroovyTek team is made up of passionate developers, designers, marketers, and strategists eager to share their TEKnowledge! Our goal is to empower our students to successfully and comfortably navigate their personal technology needs by providing empathetic, consultative training sessions.

Alex Rodas

Alex Rodas


After earning his BFA, Alex worked for various agencies around Colorado. He soon decided he could be most effective in utilizing his design skills by launching his own firm, Tecun Design. For over 10 years, Tecun specialized in design in all areas, but with an emphasis on the digital space. Tecun designed award-winning websites and collateral for selected clients. Alex earned his EMBA from The University of Denver and founded GroovyTek over four years ago. Alex’s experience with all things design is utilized on a daily basis as GroovyTek develops its signature look, feel, and new product offerings.

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