A Groovy Medley: A Unique Blend of Topics, Tips & Tricks

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In this book we explore a curated handful of timely topics. As always, we provide plenty of tips and tools for your technology devices. We also take a look at different apps related to health, lifestyle, and social media, along with hints and shortcuts for your computers.


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A Groovy Medley: A Unique Blend of Topics, Tips & Tricks Overview

In today’s tech-mad world there are new gizmos and apps coming out every single day — finding the right one can seem almost impossible. In this book, we tell you more about some of our favorite apps for improving lifestyles and health based on our research and personal use here at GroovyTek.

Along with app advice, we took some additional time to jot down our thoughts and opinions on a few other subjects of interest. If there’s a topic you’d like to hear our thoughts on, we would absolutely love to hear from you!

What You Get

  • Opinions - Our Take on the Apple’s Developer Conference

  • Health in Technology - Products that monitor AFIB, Glucose Levels

  • Fitness and Wellness Apps - Workouts, Steps and Pedometers, Heart Rate Trackers

  • On Demand Services - Lifestyle tips, Grocery Delivery Services, Online Table and Ticket Reservations

  • Social Media - Facebook DOs and DON'Ts, Instagram and Twitter In-Depth

  • Tidy Up Your Tech - General Rules, Files vs Folders, Folder Organization, Searching for Files

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