Over The Phone Training Sessions

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GroovyTek training is now available anywhere across the U.S.A. Experience the GroovyTek approach today! If you're outside our in-home service areas of Denver, Phoenix, and South Florida, these sessions are a great option.


Member Price - $7500

Over The Phone Training Sessions Overview

Now, more than ever, the use of new technology is heralded as the solution to many issues. That being said, the reason we started GroovyTek five years ago remains relevant. Everyone wants to use technology more and more to adjust to the changing times. But the question remains—where can you turn for patient and respectful guidance while navigating your technology?

We believe our "Over the Phone" or remote sessions can play a huge part in helping folks feel connected and prepared during these uncertain days.

"Over the Phone", or remote sessions, provide you with a live one-on-one experience with a patient, kind, personal technology trainer. Our trainers have conducted thousands upon thousands of in-home and over the phone sessions. They know exactly what they're doing and how to help you. Even better, they're ready to be of service and help you while you're at home today.

What You Get

  • Patient and respectful GroovyTek support and training.

  • Same-day scheduling available.

  • Immediate help to address your issues now.

  • Lower pricing and higher convenience.

  • No set up fees.

  • No minimum purchase or commitment.

  •  All sessions are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  

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