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TekPrep | Preparing Your Technology Continuity Plan

GroovyTek Webinar TekPrep | Preparing Your Technology Continuity Plan

This is a four-part webinar series, and in this session, we’ll be covering Preparing Your Technology Continuity Plan.

In times of crisis and disaster, it is more important than ever that we are able to fully maximize and utilize our technology in order to help us adjust to transitions we will experience in our day to day lives. Working ahead of time to be sure that your technology will be both functional and enable you to be productive despite disruption. What good is having your cell phone or laptop with you if you aren’t able to use it?

Today we will be taking a closer look at that. How can we prep our technology so we can make the most of it during times of uncertainty when we’re in a different location than our traditional home base of operations?

We will start by taking a look at options to keep our devices running and effective when we are not able to count on them being charged by traditional means. We will then examine options for storing and backing up our systems and data. These options can help us bring information with us, regardless of where we might end up hunkering down. We will also take a look at how to use newer technology to help us keep track of our pets as well as our devices. After that, we will touch on strategies that will enable us to have access to data and networks. We’ll also discuss how to prepare devices that you leave behind, so they’ll survive until your return. And finally, we will talk about what points are most important to you when you prepare your own technology continuity plan.

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