GroovyTek Annual Membership

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Ready to continue your personal technology training journey from anywhere? Our membership perks range from in-home sessions to webinars. With a GroovyTek annual membership, you can access members-only content, get special deals, and more. If you're in our service areas of Denver, Phoenix, or South Florida, we can schedule in-home sessions for you.


GroovyTek Annual Membership Overview

Now, you can continue your personal technology training sessions no matter where you are. With in-home session credit, monthly newsletter, referral perks for friends, and more, you can take advantage of all our annual membership has to offer. If you're outside our in-home service areas of Denver, Phoenix, and South Florida, we included over-the-phone perks, too! 

What You Get

  •  ONE, 60-MINUTE   In-Home Training Session  TOTAL OF   1 In-Home Session Per Year

  •  TWO, 20-MINUTE   On-Demand Over the Phone Sessions,  TOTAL OF   2 On-Demand Sessions Per Year

  •  DISCOUNTED   Rates for Additional Sessions, In-Home or Over the Phone Sessions

  •  UNLIMITED   Members-OnlyContent

  •  FREE   Edition of the Groovy Gazette

  •  SESSION NOTES   and Summary Per Session

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