Could Adopting Technology Help Combat Ageism?

Ageism is hitting hard causing social isolationism that could be averted. Getting an empathetic personal technology trainer is a great start to connecting!

Getting Smart: Making Your Home Work for You

You’ve probably heard lots of hype about artificial intelligence assistants. And just like every other buzzword, it’s been both exciting and concerning.

Staying@Home Florida 2020

Introducing a series of free “Staying@Home” webinars to help Floridians navigate their technology. With more time in isolation, they need help.

Want Doorbuster Deals? Get Them Delivered

Taking advantage of the Black Friday deals is easier than ever. Comparing the best deals from your couch, and getting it delivered to your front door!

From Dial-Up to 5G: Data Speeds Faster Than Light

The anticipated speed of 5G is part of the reason that new phone models don’t seem as exciting anymore. 5G is what you’re looking for.

Proactive Parenting: Keeping Kids Safe Online

How to keep your kids safe online? Balancing as a full-time warden of your kid’s internet activities, & having no idea what they’re up to, is a great idea

Emergency Preparedness Technology for 2020

Cover all your bases when developing a disaster response plan.You’ll need to think about all aspects of emergency preparedness technology & solutions.

Staying@Home Series: Colorado 2020

GroovyTek has developed the “Staying At Home” webinar series for Colorado to help folks make the most of their in-home personal technology.

Trends in Home Security

Feeling safe in one’s home has created a booming home security market. Home security is evolving (technology leading the way). Below are the trends!

Bridging the Age Gap: Addressing Ageism in the Personal T...

Discover how GroovyTek is revolutionizing the tech industry by providing patient, personalized tech support that empowers seniors to embrace technology.

High School Students' Noble Efforts in Seniors' Tech Supp...

Explore the heartwarming initiatives by high school students in senior living communities, their admirable intentions.

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