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Fall-ing In Love With an e-Reader

As we are getting into Fall and making our way into Winter, why don’t you make the strain on bookshelves a little lighter with an E-Reader and digital library card?

If E-Readers have not struck your fancy before, which is understandable, take another look at them. Over the years, they have become more accessible and easier to fall into a book’s world. In addition, E-Ink screens are made to avoid the typical eye strain that many people deal with using a standard LCD screen. The most popular e-reader is the Amazon Kindle line, but products like the Kobo Clara HD and  Onyx Book Note Air are excellent options as well.

Are you a fan of Libraries? Of course, how can you not be? Free access to a ton of books to read at any time sounds like a dream. Unfortunately, it has been more challenging for people to take advantage of their local library over the last year, but (as for most things), there is an app for that. We recommend Libby; it is available for most libraries. Although the app is not directly available for Kindles, you can browse the website on your computer and send your books directly to the kindle. The previously mentioned Kobo e-readers put a focus on supporting public libraries. The majority of the Kobo line offers a built-in OverDrive feature that lets you borrow books directly from your reader.

Suppose these E-Readers sound like a fantastic way to cozy up with a good book or 2 or 10 this fall, be sure to check out these apps and products. As always, if you would like some more help getting used to your new E-Reader and digital library access, reach out, and we can set you up with one of our helpful trainers.


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