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Good To Know: Your Screens May Be Keeping You Awake

Recent studies show that the screens of our computers, tablets, and smartphones affect our ability to sleep well at night.

Computer First Aid Kit

You're having trouble with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Perhaps your gadget is frozen? Computer Advice for Popups, Restarting and Virus Prevention

Tidy Up Your Tech: How to Organize Files on Your Computer

A general overview of files and folders and how to keep your computer "clean" and tidy.

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

Essential Computer Keyboard Shortcuts! By pressing certain key combinations, you can do things that normally need a mouse, trackpad, or other input device.

Trisha and her GroovyTek Experience

Before COVID, Trisha didn't own a computer or a smartphone. She realized in order to maintain her independence she needed to introduce technology into ...

Why Bother with Technology Training?

There are so many distractions facing folks every day; it can feel totally overwhelming. We are served marketing messages at all hours of the day.

5 Tech Resolutions

Here are five technology-related resolutions that could be considered by almost anyone who owns a smarthphone, tablet, or computer as we kick-off 2021.

Matt Munro Makes Technology Groovy For Baby Boomers

If you’ve ever tried to get a piece of technology to work properly and thrown up your hands in frustration, have no fear, GroovyTek is here.

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