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Top 5 Reasons In-Home Technology Support Is “The Next Big Thing” in the World of IT

In-Home Technology Support | What is it and Why You Need it!

The use of technology in people’s homes has evolved exponentially as a result of pandemic living, and that appears to be a trend that is here to stay. Now, it is common to have multiple people in a household actively engaged in Working From Home five or more days a week. Add to that equation the fact it will also be common to have one or more people in the home involved in Learning From Home many days a week at the same time as well, all making the need for technology management become more and more evident.

Remember, this is all in addition to the traditional on-going frustrations and challenges faced by households in managing their in-home technology. Device management or getting a handle on the various accounts, log-ins, and passwords used by a single household can be a job in in itself. Add in other conventional home-based technology issues such as; getting printers to print, setting up Cloud-based storage solutions, setting up and managing various apps, and learning new software and platforms to engage in learning and working from home, and the need to look at households and IT from a new perspective becomes even more clear.

Experienced and properly trained technology trainers understand how to navigate the nuances of in-home technology environments and can conduct help sessions either in-person or remotely.

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Here are the Top 5 topics that can be addressed by In-Home Technology Support

  1. Device Management: Making sure devices are connected and speaking to one another properly.
  2. Speed Up & Clean-Up: Create efficiencies with your in-home technology. Think of it as a home tune-up for your in-home technology.
  3. Security Review: Make sure you are operating as securely as possible with your in-home technology. Reviewing Password plans, network security, reviewing best practices to operating safely while online.
  4. Learn From Home Set-Up: Maximizing your In-Home Technology for Learning From Home settings.
  5. Work From Home Set-Up: Maximizing your In-Home Technology for Work From Home settings.
Remember, this is all in addition to the traditional on-going frustrations and challenges faced by households in managing their in-home technology.

Every one of the outlined topics is individual and unique in nature. Further, every household technology environment is unique as well; Frequently, the household IT organization can use a re-tooling. The chances are that since most household technology environments have been cobbled together over the years by non-experts, there are opportunities to fine-tune your household’s technology eco-system to become simpler and more efficient. Perhaps your family would benefit from transitioning everyone to a newer email system? Maybe the WiFi connection can be improved by adding a new tool or element. Further, you might be paying for services or subscriptions that you aren’t using anymore and simply don’t need. All of these scenarios can be addressed by working with a family IT resource, such as a trainer from You can schedule sessions that can be conducted remotely where a trainer can log onto your computer remotely and walk you through your situation. In some markets, you can even have your TekHelper come and visit your home in person and work with you side by side.

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No matter how you cut it, using and managing the technology used in your home is only going to become more and more of a responsibility, which is why the term Household IT or family tech support look to become household terms in the near future.

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