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There’s an app for that. It’s a common phrase today, and it’s not hard to see why—apps have conquered every part of our lives. From entertainment to financial planning, there’s a technology-centered way to do everything. In an age where everyone is tethered to the device in their hand, is an ‘app for everything’ worth the change they’ve brought?

If you’re over fifty, you might remember how watching television used to be. Sitting on the couch and endlessly scrolling through channels wasn’t an option. Instead, there were three channels available: ABC, CBS, and NBC. Programming was very limited, with none of the diverse viewing options available today. You also had to adjust the rabbit-ears antennae to help with the signal. Turning the dial to flip between channels was also frustrating! There was no such thing as channel surfing from your couch. 

If you’re old enough, you may remember the transition to color TV. Sharp, vivid color that allowed you to feel part of the story world wasn’t around then. Films were grainy and low-quality. But as even the quality and number of options improved, what about scheduling? You had to scramble to get home in time for your favorite television program. If there was traffic, or you had to stay late after school, you would miss it. 

Today, television is a wild world of options. There are thousands of entertainment opportunities available to you. Whether you want to watch a National Geographic show, the latest episode of Game of Thrones, or the nightly news, it’s all available to you. The best part is you don’t have to adjust dials or antennae! Today, the film quality is also astonishing. Even when comparing it to film techniques and processes from the 1990s, there’s a major difference. It’s indisputable that today’s approach to entertainment is far easier.

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What about transportation in the old days? The act of getting from point A to point B was challenging. If you didn’t have a driver’s license or a car of your own, it was a lot harder. If you needed to get groceries or go to the airport, what could you do? Public transportation is always an option. However, with multiple stops and fixed routes, you might find yourself walking much farther than you previously anticipated. If you’re physically disabled or don’t want to walk a few miles while running your errands, this might not work. 

Your other option is a taxi. However, those are expensive. And in most American cities, it’s not like a movie in New York City. There aren’t bright yellow taxis on every corner, waiting to be hailed. In real life, transportation is rarely so convenient, and calling a taxi is expensive! 

Even with these costs and inconveniences, transportation has evolved a long way. Before public transportation and taxis, other options were even more inconvenient. Having a litter, with six people to carry it, was quite the popular option in ancient Rome. After that, though, private carriages took care of transportation for the wealthy. Our public transportation has faults, but it certainly beats a litter or a carriage!

However, transportation has continued to evolve along with technology. This has resulted in convenient and easy ways to get around cities, whether you have a car or not! Now, there’s no need to call a taxi or hike all the way to the bus station! Have you heard of Uber? It’s a popular peer-to-peer transportation company that has taken the guesswork out of getting around cities without a car. You download the Uber App on your phone and upload your credit or debit card information. That way, when you request a ride, there’s no need to fumble with bills or change. 

When you’re ready to get a ride, just input your current location and destination. A driver will come to pick you up and drive to your destination. There’s no need to deal with other people on public transportation, endless stops, or finicky schedules. You also don’t have to call a taxi company or try to guess what your rate will be. The Uber app calculates your rate based on distance and the time it takes to get there. You’ll have to factor in surge pricing, though, if you want to go somewhere during busy times. No need for taxis or public transportation!

What about getting dinner? Going grocery shopping, or to a restaurant, was the only way to get food. Now, you can order hot food delivered to your doorstep, with apps like UberEats or DoorDash!

These huge changes in how we can approach everyday tasks are astronomical. That’s especially true when compared to how we did things twenty or thirty years ago! It’s sometimes easy to lose track of how far we’ve come. Did you know that the first apps were boring and simple? They were a calculator and a word processor! The most complicated apps today came from programs crafted to make simple tasks easier. 

Back then, you could only add up your expenses or jot down a few notes for later. Now, there are apps for everything. If you want to track your heart rate, order a ride, or stream your favorite show to your living room, there’s an app that can easily do it for you. 

However, the ‘easy’ part may be hard to believe. It’s quite possible that your relationship with technology is frustrating. How are you supposed to keep up with the crazy barrage of updates that hit your phone daily? Your phone keeps updating, and it seems impossible to do anything without an app nowadays. 

Even though technology seems hard to learn, there’s still hope. Think of all the frustrations being eliminated from your life with everyday technology. There’s no need to constantly turn the dial on a three-channel television, or miss your favorite TV show due to traffic. You don’t need to deal with public transportation or grocery shopping, either! If you could only learn how to use technology, maybe you could experience the fun that younger generations seem to be having.

The good news is that learning technology isn’t impossible—no matter how old you are! Learning about the fun you can have, once frustration is eliminated, only takes the right approach. The best technology training allows you to ask questions and prioritize your own agenda. Whether you want to learn how to edit photos or get food delivered, it’s possible! At GroovyTek, we offer personal technology training sessions for you. If you dream of having someone fix your problems, answer your questions and educate you—we’ve logged over 10,000 hours doing just that! 

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