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Whether you want to learn how to download an app, or to keep your digital information secure, you can always expect the same respectful and patient approach from all members of the GroovyTek team. We always operate with the end goal of empowering clients to be able to navigate their personal technology independently, and on their own terms. Whether that means printing off instructions, conducting setup, or listening to their issues and goals, we’re here to help in any and every way we can.

How Personal Technology Training & Coaching Helps The Individual?

Betty D., long-time fan and friend of GroovyTek, has used various trainers over the years to solve issues and learn how to fix them herself.

I have been using GroovyTek for several years now…since the first time I saw their ad in the Denver Post. I cannot say enough positive things about this terrific organization. The technicians are highly-skilled in computer technology and, without exception, have been able to correct all of my issues. For the majority of my issues, they went further and trained me in the correction processes so I can take care of many things on my own now!

There are many companies willing to sell you even more gadgets and solutions that benefit their bottom line, rather than spending time genuinely listening and helping you figure out what’s best for you. Today, every major company has a team ready to ‘help’. Unfortunately, Silicon Valley is marketing hot new gadgets to a young demographic, seemingly born with a phone in hand and the knowledge to use it. That means anyone over the age of 40, or who isn’t a digital native, is often ignored or talked down to. This approach produces isolationism and resentment, rather than confidence and knowledge.

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I think the thing that impresses me the most, though (especially compared to other computer technicians I have worked with), is their honed listening skills and their ability to be patient and understanding. In my experience, these abilities are rare in this “high-tech” world. Now, I am not a young woman but, throughout my entire career in the government industry, my work was at a computer station and I was kept up to date on innovations, improvements, upgrades, and the like, and received considerable training on same. I am reasonably tech-savvy. What I’m saying here is that GroovyTek is not just for seniors or folks unfamiliar with or, perhaps, a little frightened of computers. I would strongly recommend GroovyTek to anyone in need of computer assistance!

Whether you’ve never owned a smartphone, or you are relatively tech savvy, we’ve enjoyed teaching and supporting folks from all generations. With over 10,000 hours of training experience, we’re confident that we can work with you and find a resolution to your issues. 

Our goal at the end of an in-home or over the phone session goes far beyond ensuring that your initial issues are solved. This approach provide tools for your belt, allowing you to independently navigate your devices.

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