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Getting Started with Gaming Setup for your PC or Devices

Gaming is one of the most fun uses of technology. And if you’ve got kids or grandkids, then you get the appeal! Kids can easily spend hours gaming—and while it’s not good in excess, a little moderation makes it a fun hobby. 

These days, video games are no longer just a ‘time-waster.’ As concerns about tech addiction rise, so do the benefits of gaming. It’s been recognized as a sport, one that can lead to very lucrative professions. From graphic design to writing code, it’s become a way for kids to break into great jobs. Even if that doesn’t happen, it’s a great activity to relax and hang out with friends. 

If you’re looking to get gaming equipment set up, it’s hard to know where to begin. Gaming computers might feel too complex, but they’re crafted for one purpose—to be able to support the high-resolution graphics and volume of information that’s contained in a single game. Of course, most gamers don’t just play one game. That means the right equipment is important. It can prevent your computer from being painfully slow, or worse, outright crashing. 

Some people have the ability to put together their own gaming computers. But if you just want to buy a functional gaming computer, you might not have the knowledge or desire to do so. When you’re looking to start off, you’ll need to find a computer with a hefty amount of storage space. There are laptops specifically designed for gaming, and these will usually have the type of space that you’re looking for. You’ll need to look for one with around 32 GB of storage. Usually, 8 GB is considered the bare minimum. But that 32 GB number helps ensure that you won’t run into issues with multiple games.

You’ll also want to choose something with a high-quality monitor. Sometimes, this can be as simple as purchasing the right cords. You can connect them from the laptop to a larger monitor, such as a desktop or a TV screen. Since video gaming is so visual, having a larger screen will help. It may assist with posture issues, too, if you’re worried about kids slouching over their laptops.

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To get set up, you’ll want to invest in something with a high-quality fan. For this, you’ll want to read the reviews! Make sure that there haven’t been reported issues with the fan or overheating for other users. This is important for two reasons. For one, most gamers play for a few hours at a time. With such a heavy demand, it puts a large load on the computer. While it’s working so hard, it produces heat. That means that a fan will keep elements from overheating and causing danger or harm to the computer itself. The fan also matters because of the type of labor required from the computer. While doing such a heavy graphics load, with so much software necessary, this is one of the most intensive tasks a computer will undertake. 

With all this in mind, you’ll want a good set up, too. This involves more everyday pieces of equipment, like a great office chair. It may be tempting to ignore this. After all, can’t you play video games cross-legged on the floor, or sprawled on your couch? They’re meant to be a relaxing activity, which means that a relaxed posture should be okay. But many of the ‘health risks’ associated with video games have to do with poor posture and slouching. An office chair, especially an ergonomic one, will fix all that. 

This sort of thing might feel pretty confusing. After all, you might just want to find a laptop and get it delivered to your doorstep. Afterward, your kid can probably muddle their way through setting it up, right? That may not be the case! Being able to set up their smartphone and do things that you might not be able to, is one thing. But being able to handle a gaming computer is something else. It might take some expert help! There’s nothing more frustrating than dropping a lot of money on an expensive gift and watching it collect dust. Whether it’s shopping for the perfect gaming computer or getting it set up, GroovyTek can help. Give us a call and we'll make your gaming experience frustration-free! 

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