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Why a GroovyTek Membership is Right for You!

Why a GroovyTek Membership is Right for You!

A new year is a time for new beginnings and a fresh start — and why not start off on the best foot with a GroovyTek Membership! A membership with GroovyTek has many benefits, from discounted and included sessions, to specifically tailored session notes and tech articles.

A GroovyTek Membership is just $299.00 $249.00 (Special pricing during the month of February) for the year and comes included with one 60 minute in-home session, two 20 minute on demand sessions, discounted rates on future in-home and over the phone sessions, specifically tailored session notes, as well as unlimited members only content and articles from the Groovy Gazette.

There’s many advantages to a Membership with GroovyTek, but one that you’ll notice right away is discounts on future sessions. A GroovyTek Membership comes included with an in-home session, but as an added benefit all of your future in-home sessions are half off! This means as long as you plan on having a GroovyTek session more than twice a year, the Membership only saves you money (plus all the added benefits). See below for the price breakdown and potential savings for members vs non-members.

Current members love the benefit of getting to connect with their trainer. Working with them on a regular basis over the year lets the trainer get to know the ins and outs of your needs and devices and better curate their support to you. Plus, members getting personalized notes from their trainer covering the topics of the session let them not have to worry about writing things down in the session — they can just focus on the support and training being provided by their technician.

Have you ever finished a session with GroovyTek and immediately forgot what your trainer was able to do to help with that annoying problem? Or maybe they helped you connect to your printer, but the session was 3 months ago! Well with a membership, you won’t have to worry. One of the key perks of a GroovyTek Membership is that your trainer will keep notes of what was covered during the session and email them to you afterwards. That way you can go back and remind yourself of all that was covered — no matter how far back it might have been.

Last, but certainly not least, members are personally emailed a copy of the Groovy Gazette — a monthly newsletter full of helpful tips and information, and even inspiration for a potential future session. So don’t delay, start the New Year off right and call in today to get more information on the benefits of a Membership with GroovyTek!





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