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Preparing Your Kids Remote Learning Environment

E-Learning Remote Learning: How to Setup Your Children

5 Essential things to consider when setting up your kids online learning environment

  1. Eliminate distractions that can take away your child’s focus during online learning hours. One quick tip is to set up their learning environment outside of their bedroom. Moving the learning outside of the bedroom will ensure clear boundaries between where they learn and where they live outside school.
  2. Strong internet connection. Be sure you have a strong internet signal/connection. Your child will be streaming and accessing media (video, audio, webcasts, files) while learning online. Having a reliable internet connection will reduce frustrations and keep them on task.
  3. Set up a routine, so there is consistency and structure in their day. Recently, schedules and timing of everyday life and activities have been structureless for most people, especially kids. It is crucial to introduce structure back into kid’s lives. Having a bedtime and a time to wake up and delineated learning hours will bring structure and a sense of where certain activities start and stop.
  4. Check on their progress. It will be very easy for kids to say they did their online learning. An easy tip for parents is to check their child’s progress and the assignments they have turned in. Online learning makes it easy to check on the activities and progress students are making in real-time.
  5. Reward and incentivize. Most online learning environments will allow students to have “work” time when they are not physically logged in to the online classroom. One suggestions for parents’ would be to let their child take that time for themselves and do the school work at a different time as a reward for them staying on task.
For example, it might not make the most sense to splurge on the latest trendy sneakers for your kids to wear when they will, for the most part, be only seem waist up.

There will be additional technology-centric elements to consider when working on setting your kids up for success with remote learning. These will often be specific to your school district and to the preferences of specific teachers, they will have their preferences for common tasks and workflow such as uploading assignments and communication; a TekHelper will be happy to help you navigate these and any other technology-related questions and challenges to your kid’s journey through remote schooling.

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