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7 Shopping Tech Tips for Holiday Season

Online Shopping Tips | Holiday Safety Tips

As we head into what will be possibly the most unique holiday shopping season of our time, it is important to keep your guard up against possible fraud. Here are seven technology-related shopping tips to keep in mind while completing your 2020 Holiday shopping list:

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  •  Using a digital wallet is a great way to avoid card scammers. By using Apple Wallet and Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay, you can avoid the risk of card and chip scanners. Most card readers today are equipped to handle digital payments. This not only protects you from chip readers, but it also can help with organization as you do not necessarily need your wallet or physical card with you at all times.
  • When it comes to banking and online payments, mobile apps are the way to go. They come from a trusted source and are apps directly from the bank or financial institution. You can download these apps at the App Store and Google Play. The banking apps are written to be more secure than even the bank’s websites.
  • While “out and about,” try to avoid connecting to “free public Wi-Fi” and never use Wi-Fi that does not require a password or network key to join. Hackers often create their own network that mimics the free Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop. Users connect thinking they are on the establishment’s Wi-Fi, but what happens is you have connected to a hacker’s connection, and they now can access your device that is connected to their Network.
  • To ensure a website site is secure and safe for shopping, look for “s” following “http” The “s” ensures the website is encrypted, and your personal information is secure.
  • Set up two-factor authentications and biometric sign-in as well wherever you can. Most banking apps and others allow you to use the biometric you have set up to unlock your device to also sign into their apps.
  • Keep passwords for your banking and payments different from social media and email accounts. Your password should be a minimum of 12 characters with at least one capital letter, number, and one symbol.
  • One beneficial feature of is the reviews presented by customers. If you are unsure of a product’s quality, you can read what other people have to say about their purchase. It is often the 2,3,4-star reviews that give the best feedback, as 5-star reviews can sometimes be given in exchange for a free product or another perk.

We believe there are many advantages to conducting your shopping online, aside from the safety and convenience of doing some from your home. We simply want you to remain aware of potential red-flags to avoid unnecessary stress related to possible scams and fraud.

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