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Have you ever longed for your chores to be taken care of without you having to lift a finger? Well, we are not quite there yet, but many devices can help make your household life easier. I mean, we even can make video calls on our big TVs like they did in Star Trek, so what else is possible?

Let’s start by talking about how to keep your home secure. Gone are the days of having to walk to your front door to see who rang the doorbell. Instead, you can have a video feed sent directly to your phone or devices like Alexa, with systems like Ring. As we move through more home devices, you can also connect most smart doorbells to other devices. Now with more intelligent technology installing security cameras is much easier. Whether it is looking outside to protect from intruders or looking inside and keeping an eye on your pets throughout the day, cameras can make your house way more secure. The good news is that many systems are cheaper now because of their popularity.

Living a much greener lifestyle can also be helped by some smart home devices. For example, changing out your old thermostat for a smart one makes it way easier to monitor your usage and optimize the way you use your AC or heat. They also can connect to your phone, so you can get the house all cooled down by the time you get home from a day out. Smart outlets might sound kind of nonsensical, but if you remember, the “Clapper” smart outlets take it a whole step further. Smart outlets allow you to control which outlets are drawing energy and when. So if you have an outlet that just has a blender plugged into it and you use it once a week, you can turn that off and not draw what is called “Vampire Power” from your electricity.

Have you ever wanted to be able to speak out your plans for the day and then it magically be added to your calendar. Today virtual assistants are not only on your phone. They are also tiny devices that can sit on your counter or desk. Systems like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home can make your day-to-day life way easier.

At the end of the day, adding these smart devices to your home or your life is best taken in chunks; it is ultimately up to you what devices make the most sense. You can pick and choose what makes your life easier and what just creates more headaches. If you pick up any of these devices and want some GroovyTek help to get those set up, reach out and get scheduled today.


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