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Personal technology got you confused and frustrated? GroovyTek can give you the tools you need to progress in your training journey. Our staff and office are ready and waiting totake your Nevada area calls at 877-201-3586, where one of our respectful team memberscan answer your questions and get you the help you need. Or, they’ll make sure that you get in touch with the right Customer Care Specialist!

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Complete the form below with any questions you may have and a Customer Care Specialist will be with you soon to help you with your Personal Technology Support! GroovyTek is your local Nevada Resource for Computer Assistance, Tech Support and Technology Training!

Most Popular Services in nevada

Mobile Device Support

In-home support for your Apple and Android devices, whether you’re using a phone or a tablet, GroovyTek can help! No matter what issue you’re having, we can help troubleshoot and get you back on course.

Computer Repair & Help

Patience and professionalism? GroovyTek is the team you need. Need on-demand computer repair? GroovyTek experts work with all operating systems and provide in-home and online services.

WiFi and Network Connectivity Support

Internet slow? Spotty connection? Our techs can help speed it up. From fixing your network connection to boosting your WiFi signal, GroovyTek technicians can establish a secure, speedy Internet connection for you.


Frustrated or just need help through the process? Our Tech Experts are here to help you thru with it patience, professionalism, and respect


Maybe you don’t need computer help or technical training. You might need installation experts—someone who can help you fix a wireless printer. Maybe it’s jamming, or nothing is printing when you try to do it from your devices. We can help you troubleshoot or get it set up.

GroovyTek Customer Support

Have feedback, questions, or concerns? Our customer care team is just a quick chat or email away—7 AM MT to 6 PM MT, Monday through Friday.

Tailored learning materials

Books, webinars, magazines, individualized training sessions, blog posts, and tutorials … we’ve got it all! No matter what you’re looking for, our resources can help.

Take Control Of Your Technology

Everything from your TV, to your smartphone, to your thermostat is updating daily. How are you supposed to keep up? We can help you knock out all the items on your technology to-do list.

Remote Virtual Learning Sessions

It’s more important than ever to practice social distancing. Our remote learning sessions help you stay connected no matter where you are.

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