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Dodge the Dog Days of Summer!


We are officially getting to the point where the summer heat is getting too hot to go out and enjoy the sun for 8 hours a day, as lovely as that sounds. Luckily we have some activities for you to beat the heat and spend some time in the AC.

Do you have boxes upon boxes of family records and old photos? If you have a scanner and some time on your hands, going through and arching all these can be a fun and beneficial process. You can make the process a trip through time and memories, enjoying all those old vacations again. In more ways than one in the past was cooler than it is now. With all your files digitized, this will protect them from wear and tear and help them share with your family and friends.

Have you gotten comfortable watching movies at home instead of making the trip to the theatre to see them? Well, it seems like streaming services are not going to stop offering same-day streaming as premiered in theatres. Sometimes it might be for an additional cost, but you can watch these movies as many times as you would like while it is on the service. Our Groovy recommendation is 'Summer of Soul’ that came out on July 2nd available on Hulu. This movie is a concert film covering a series of weekend concerts in Harlem, New York. If you like  Sly and the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Mahalia Jackson,  and B.B. King, be sure to check it out.

Lastly, some gadgets to keep cool are vital in summer. If you happen not to have A.C in your home, you can get tiny portable AC units that are also nicer on your energy bill. Products like the Evapolar are compact humidifiers and ACs that your phone charger can power. How crazy is that? Now, of course, it is not as powerful as a built-in home AC but can save you from a sweaty summer.

If you want help with any of these nifty tips, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a session with one of your tremendous trainers.


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