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The Essential Migration, Lesson Learned

Personal Technology Migration |  Maximizing your Personal Tech

Before March of 2020, understanding how to maximize your personal technology was valuable.

Remember, back then; every large company was asking us to download their app to conduct business more efficiently. Our friends preferred a text message to a voice call or voicemail, and most of us had some degree of comfort and experience using our smartphones to video chat, and it was fun once and awhile.

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There was an appetite to learn how to use tips and tricks for our smartphones, tablets, and computers. Most people knew that you could order Whole Foods delivered to your home in some areas by using an app or that you could order dog food delivered to your home. It was also a time when most of us thought about “work from home” days as days when we could keep an eye on our work but, at the same time, probably be able to squeeze in a few non-traditional mid-week activities. And yes, the word Zoom was pretty much something we thought of for increasing the image size on our camera or TVs.

Then, we were told that we couldn’t leave our homes or go to our offices. Then, we were told that we would have to rely on Zoom to stay informed, in touch, and employed. Remember, there were no “lockdown drills” offering best practices to prepare to endure and survive an international lockdown before March of 2020. After the planes hit the buildings on 9/11, we had cable news to turn to keep us informed of impending threats and national strategies, we had a common enemy and a renewed sense of community as a nation, once we were ready emotionally, we were OK to get back out there and get back to normal. Since March, we have been asked to be more self-reliant to figure out what tools we can use to make it through, mostly on our own.

As a result, understanding how to navigate personal technology has become an essential area of education for our entire culture. Almost all of the solutions to surviving and potentially thriving in this pandemic centric world are tied to understanding how to use personal technology.

It's only been a few months, but already the world is settling into a more virtual lifestyle and relying more and more on personal technology to do so. People from all ages and walks of life are now scheduling Zoom meetings, birthday parties, and happy hours. Back then, it was more of an “insiders” club to be a webinar viewer. In fact, what precisely a webinar was and how you access and view a webinar was far from common knowledge.

Viewing the changes from an organizational perspective, now, many offices are considering moving fully to Work From Home policies, and countries across the world indicate that a potential return to some form of lockdowns is a possibility moving forward. If you are asked to Stay at Home again or quarantine, you will rely on tools made available by personal technology.

This personal technology and personal tech support migration is taking place as accelerated as it is tied to the fact that we were already smack dab in the middle of the digital revolution, the world was already preparing to “update” our day to day practices to take advantage of innovations and efficiencies provided by the options available in a new digital world. This transition to technology was inevitable. The truth now is our need to adjust and be comfortable navigating this more digital-centric environment went from being something elective to now becoming a necessity.

GroovyTek is here to help with this transition. We are as committed as ever to our mission and we believe that we are uniquely positioned to be of service to many looking for support and guidance in this new reality. Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help you or your organization during these transitional times.

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