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Why You Need Personal Tech Support?

Personal Tech Support | The New Era of Concierge Technology Support

We’ve all had a tech support experience. Maybe you take your phone into the Apple store, looking for support. Or maybe you take yo w everything there is to know about your issue, right? That might be the case, but their bedside ur phone into a local tech support center. They’ve grown up with this technology, so they’ll kno manner is often lacking. It’s impossible to get help when you’re confronted with a know-it-all tech expert who has no idea what it’s like to be someone who’s never turned on a phone before. You might feel intimidated, or worse, stupid. It seems like it’s just easier to get your grandkids to show you a trick or two in their spare time. And if you can’t manage to get a few scraps of their attention, what else can you do? It might feel like it’s time to give up.

Luckily, you don’t have to do that. Technology, when properly used and understood, can revolutionize your life. You might not want to give up your independence, move into an assisted living facility, or fall entirely out of touch with your grandchildren. Technology can help you summon an Uber to get a ride, use smart home devices to keep your home secure, and text your grandkids to stay in touch with them. But what can you do? The concept of true customer service seems to have gone out of the window. And if you’re trying to learn something, it’s impossible to expect a tech support guy to drop everything and educate you on all the digital developments you’ve missed over the years. At this rate, it might even be difficult to get someone to fix your computer. But what else can you do?

How GroovyTek is Revolutionizing the Approach of Personal Technology Training?

Combating these issues is why GroovyTek set out to revolutionize the approach of personal technology coaching in the world today per way of personal technology coaching. People use trainers and coaches for everything else. Getting into shape, learning a new language, or picking up a new craft--with some things, it’s common sense to hire someone who knows more about it than you do. That’s why our trainers are here to provide one-on-one technology support.

Online Membership: No matter where you are, an online membership ensures GroovyTek can help.

Of course, you could always take a class. There’s something for everyone, and watching a YouTube video or attending a computer class is a valid option. Whatever it takes, right? But that approach is hard to get the individual tech support you need. If you have a question, you can’t ask a YouTube video. And the class might not fit your individual learning needs. If the class is big enough, you might be lucky to get a question or two answered. The instructor won’t have time to get each student individualized attention. That’s why we rely on the success of the GroovyTek model to make sure that every personal technology training student achieves success, on their own timeline, and on their own terms and gets One-on-One Technology Help

How Does the GroovyTek Model Work as a Personal Tech Support Resource?

It starts by listening to your frustrations. There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach because no two people approach technology in the same way. What are your preferences? What would you like to accomplish with your technology? How do you learn best, and where would you like to do it? What type of devices do you own, and how do you prefer to keep your technology ‘organized’? All these questions are crucial, and allow you to know that you’re being listened to, understood, and respected. Once we’ve gathered a comprehensive view of your issues, we’ll assign you to one of our experienced trainers. Across our three available in-home service areas in Florida, Arizona, and Colorado, we have multiple experienced, empathetic trainers that have collectively logged 10,000 hours addressing frustrations just like yours.

Have you heard rave reviews of a GroovyTek trainer from a friend of yours that uses the service? You can specifically request them, and we’ll see if we can accommodate you! You can either call our Customer Care Team or schedule a session online. When you talk to the customer care team, they’ll pass your list of frustrations and questions along to the trainer, so they’re prepared when they show up at your house.

After the Customer Care Team takes into account factors like location, personalities, expertise to handle certain questions, and open schedules, they will schedule you with responsive personal technical support. Depending on what type of session you want (we offer in-home and over the phone sessions), they might be able to accommodate you on a same-day basis. Then, all you have to do is sit back and wait for a trainer to show up at your house! If you love the idea of an in-person session, but would rather meet somewhere else, we also host in-office sessions. If you prefer, your trainer can even meet you in a public hangout space, like a coffee shop. If remote sessions appeal to you, your trainer can coach you through your difficulties and even, with your permission, access your device.

Our custom technology training has revolutionized the lives of so many clients who are thrilled to have someone that’s able to listen to their needs and answer their questions. Taking control of your one-on-one personal technology training journey can change your life. You’re no longer limited by a lack of knowledge or too many frustrations to even think about trying something new. Instead, you can confidently explore as you build your skills and do everything that you’ve seen your grandkids doing! Whether you want to solve some problems, or just want to experience our concierge technology support, GroovyTek is ready and waiting to take your call and set you up with a trainer.

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