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Today, we will be discussing how you can use your personal technology to keep your household, or even a loved one living in another home, supplied without having to venture out of your home. It’s pretty incredible to step back and think about the amount and the diversity of items we can order to be delivered to our doorstep. Not only is Amazon the equivalent of a modern-day shopping mall that you can visit from your couch, but now there are many different retailers who are happy to deliver their products directly to your door. This electronic home delivery connection really has changed the way we purchase items, and how we approach keeping ourselves supplied.

For this conversation, we will first take a look at options related to food. This includes grocery, delivery, and restaurant options. And, we will talk about the 8 key steps to set up delivery accounts. We will also explore delivery applications such as Postmates. If if you’ve never heard of them before, Postmates isn’t just for food options! You can have them pick up virtually anything and have them bring it to your house.

We’ll also be talking about getting medical supplies, prescriptions, and other household necessities delivered to your home. With mail service pharmacies, delivery options, and apps to track the location of your prescriptions, it’s a great way to stay supplied. And at the end of this webinar, we will cover some frequently asked questions on the general topic of staying supplied at home.

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